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Homeowners Sue Laura Curran Over Tax Reassessment

A group of Long Island homeowners are suing to block Nassau County Executive Laura Curran (D-Baldwin) from imposing a countywide property tax reassessment, that could hit some homeowners with over 70% increases in their property taxes.

The Republican-Majority Nassau County Legislature has joined the homeowners calling for Curran’s tax reassessment to be stopped, and demanded the resignation of Curran-appointee, County Assessor David Moog.

In a suit filed in state Supreme Court, the homeowners point out the secretive and arbibtrary reassessment process, that was driven by obscure “computer models” designed by Curran’s vendors.

The suit also is asking the court to supervise and order new annual property tax assessments on over 386,000 residential county properties. The plaintiffs also want the collecting and levying of taxes which will become final next April 1st, based on the new assessments, to be halted.

The suit was brought by Sands Point resident Eric Berliner and three other homeowners. Berliner has appeared at legislative hearings since January 1st, pointing out numerous inaccuracies in the new values of residential homes. He believes his home was overassessed by $4.55 million. Berliner maintains that differences in assessments between similar areas are caused by unrevealed neighborhood factors.

The new reassessments have caused much confusion and anxiety in residents in the county. There have been continuous meetings at satelite offices for residents to discuss their property’s assessment. People had until May 7th to grieve their taxes. Over 253,000 have grieved so far.

Under Curran’s planned reassessment, 52% of residents in the county will see their property taxes go up, and 48% will see a drop in their taxes. Curran herself would get a tax cut on her home.

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