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12 Story Condo Planned for Roslyn

Residents of Roslyn have voiced controversy over a proposed application for a 150 ft. tall building to be built right next to the Roslyn Creek at 45 Lumber Road.

The building, if completed, would tower over any other structure in the area. John Winberry of DH Murray Architecture, the company proposing the building, had successfully developed the Roslyn Lumber Yard Apartments just next door.

The building is proposed to construct an elevator that runs through the center of the building, a 60 car underground parking garage, and two “green spaces” to reduce energy costs. Their past projects include many old Roslyn home restorations, which preserve their long history.

Many residents do not approve of this urban implant in a suburban area. Trustee Craig Westgard is quoted as saying “This is a building you’d expect to see in Long Island City, or Brooklyn, or downtown. It’s not a building you would expect to see in the suburbs.” There would also be concern for commuters as such an influx of new residents would show a palpable increase in the number of cars on the road.

The building was not initially voted on as it was not adherent to the code. Buildings in the Village of Roslyn have a permitted maximum height of 35 ft. The lowest proposal for this building’s height is still triple that amount. No vote was made regarding the application and the Roslyn Board of Trustees will hold their next meeting of Oct. 15th at 8 PM at the Roslyn Village Hall.

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