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Local Eats: “The Brass Rail”

On a cold Sunday night in November, one would hardly expect local restaurants to be filled with patrons. However, not even the plummeting temperatures could keep the locals away from dining at The Brass Rail. Upon arriving, we were promptly seated and attended to by our waitress. The sangria was absolutely delicious. This was definitely not your watered-down cocktail. The blackberries and apples helped to enhance the flavor and give it a sweetness, which I was quite fond of.

I decided to order off their restaurant week menu and was expecting to be served smaller portions of their regular entrees. However, the generosity of this establishment carried over into their portion sizes. The white bean and pancetta soup was creamy and rich - perfect for the cold November night. Although the pancetta was more of a topping, the amount was just enough to add flavor without making the soup too heavy. For the main entree, I selected the Red Wine Braised Lamb Shank. The lamb was so tender that it fell off the bone and full of flavor. It was cooked in a red wine sauce that was sweet with a hint of smokiness which really helped to balance the flavor. The jalapeño and cheddar grits were perfection. Their creamy texture was perfectly balanced with the right amount of cheddar, allowing for the flavor of both the grits and the cheddar to shine through. A mild hint of jalapeño lingered after each bite. Dinner ended with their Mocha Pot de Crème, which was not overpowered by the chocolate flavor and contained a hint of cinnamon which brought in that cozy feeling on a chilly fall night.

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