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America's Suicide Election

The two leading candidates for America's 2024 election are an 80-year-old man clearly suffering from senile dementia, and a 77-year-old man suffering from multiple mental illnesses, including pathological narcissism, deep insecurities, lack of self-control, and obvious paranoia. Neither are mentally fit to hold the vast responsibility of the Presidency of the United States, including control of the 10,000 nuclear weapons in America's nuclear arsenal.

Those are harsh statements. But this newspaper hears them daily from our readers - many of them our business and political leaders - on both sides of the political aisle.

How did we get into this impossible situation ? And how do we avoid having a "choice" between two such obviously dangerous and unqualified candidates ?

The first step is for the leadership of both parties and the media to have the courage simply "tell the truth" about the unfitness of both Trump and Biden. Without couching, covering-up, measuring the angles, or excuses. When Biden or Trump say or do something crazy or demented, the media - all media - need to cover it. And political leaders - of both parties - need to denounce it and warn all of us about it.

The second step is for the leading figures - in both parties - to stand-up and enter the race for President.

In the Republican camp, that has already happened: Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida - hugely popular in his own state - entered the race and is now Trump's leading competitor in the polls. But there are a half dozen other serious Republican contenders - including former Ambassador and Governor Nikki Haley, US Senator Tim Scott, to former Vice President, Governor, and Congressman Mike Pence.

On the Democratic side, Biden's only serious opponent is law professor Robert F. Kennedy, Jr - the son of the assassinated US Attorney General and Senator Robert Kennedy - and nephew to the assassinated US President John F. Kennedy.

But where are the other leading elected Democrats ? Where is California Governor Gavin Newsom ? Where is US Senator Amy Klobuchar ? Or US Senator Chris Van Hollen ? Or Illinois Governor JB Pritzker ? None have had the courage to do the obviously right thing - and declare themselves instead of an embarrassingly befuddled Biden.

The election of a US President is not some kind of "joke" or "reality show" or a silly popularity contest. It is free citizens selecting the leader who can deal with the very real threats to ourselves and our families. The President of Russia now regularly threatens "nuclear war" on America. China is openly preparing for a real war against America. Anyone who thinks nuclear war is just a "game show" should review the horrors and tapes of Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

In 1932, the fed-up voters in Weimar Germany elected a silly clown with a little mustache as their Premier. Obviously mentally unfit. But he sure could give a good speech !

Once he had power, Hitler ended democracy, and launched a war that killed 10 million Germans - and 30 million others - and completely destroyed Germany. Let's please learn from Weimar Germany's terrible mistake.


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