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An Interview with Theresa Mari - Candidate for Huntington Town Board

By Maureen Daly

Theresa Mari (R) is a candidate for Huntington Town Board. Theresa is a family attorney and lifetime children’s and women’s advocate. Theresa grew up on Long Island - and moved to Huntington approximately 30 years ago.

She was raised in a civic-minded home by her mom, a nurse, and a machinist father.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Theresa in early October. We discussed her plans for to participate in not one but two breast cancer awareness events. As a breast cancer survivor Theresa does all she can to promote early detection and prevention.

When asked if Huntington is overdeveloped Theresa explained that she believes we need to find balance in development. Developers need to know early on in projects just what is required and expected of them. She acknowledges that steps need to be taken to keep both seniors and young people in Huntington.

Development projects need to be fully “studied on a case-by-case basis,” stated Mari. While she does not believe she is “anti-development,” she does see a need for smarter development.

While Theresa sees a solution is needed for housing for veterans and young people, she could not support the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) proposal as presented. This proposal was to allow garage and basement rental apartments in single family homes. Theresa notes that the community did not support the proposal and felt that the public hearing sessions should have been described as public input sessions.

Ms. Mari believes that the ideal Harbor Revitalization Project will give beach access to the community while still encouraging tourism. Details need to be worked out.

Mari is open to hearing all ideas regarding Huntington Station Revitalization Projects.

Theresa has been quoted as wanting to “Keep Huntington from turning into Queens.”

While she means “no disrespect to Queens,” she does feel it is essential “to protect the Huntington way of life.”

“It is important to keep in mind what people expected when they purchased their homes,” stated Mari.

Theresa believes that there can be “better communication” between the Town Board and the community. She would like to see listening sessions open to the community and give residents the opportunity to let their opinions be known prior to board votes.

Theresa worked her way through college and law school. She has been general counsel to both public and privately owned companies.

At the early age of fourteen she worked decorating wedding cakes and treats for a local caterer. She still loves to cook.

Mari is an entrepreneur and understands the challenges of owning and maintaining a business.

When not working on her various charity and advocacy work Theresa enjoys traveling both domestically and internationally.

A great day for Theresa is one spent "on the beach."

Theresa says that her varied experiences leave her “ready to serve on day one,” and looks forward to “continuing my advocacy” by working for the community.


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