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Billy Joel's Life on Exhibit at LI Music Hall of Fame

By Nolan Cleary

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Billy Joel is the subject of a new exhibit in the Long Island area: “Billy Joel: My Life — A Piano Man’s Journey” at the Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Joel, who lives on Centre Island, has lived "all around the Bay" in Oyster Bay. He grew-up locally in Hicksville, and used to bike as a kid to the beaches and parks on the north shore.

He stated that he was "humbled" by the Museum's exhibit.

“It’s a little overwhelming,” said Joel. “Have you ever found yourself surrounded by you? It’s kind of a nightmare,” he joked.

Joel listed his Centre Island home for sale, earlier this year, but recently took it off the market.

“I know there’s a house for sale and on the market — that doesn’t mean I’m leaving Long Island,” Joel said at the Exhibit opening. “This is my home; it will always be my home. We will always have this as our home — and we’ll come and visit this place a lot.”

The Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame is located in Stony Brook, and the Billy Joel exhibit opened on November 24th.

The exhibit covers Joel’s life from his time growing up on Long Island, his life living in Lloyd Harbor and Oyster Bay, to his Madison Square Garden performances. Joel’s Madison Square Garden tour is scheduled to complete in 2024 with his 150th performance. Joel's first solo album "Cold Spring Harbor," released in 1971, is a homage to his years growing-up and living on the north shore.

Curator Kevin O’Callaghan, said he was surprised when Billy Joel granted the Museum permission to include the exhibit. “We were surprised because he had never ever OK’d an exhibition that involved his career or himself,” O’Callaghan said. “He’s a very humble guy.”

Joel said his tour ending won’t be the end of his time on stage. “I’m not leaving,” he said. “We’ll still do the work — we’re just not going to keep working in the same place. We’re going to different places.”


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