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Brookville Carjacker Assaults Woman, Steals Rolls Royce

By Mark Demetropoulos


A violent midday carjacker attacked a Brookville woman unloading her car at her home - and stole her Rolls Royce - after dragging her down the driveway.


The carjacking happened last Friday at 12:45 PM on Old Cedar Swamp Road in Brookville.


The robber is described as a Hispanic male about 5'10" with a thin build, wearing a black mask and black sweatshirt.


The carjacker came up behind the 33-year-old woman, after she pulled into her driveway and was unloading her car - a 2022 Rolls Royce.


The man attacker her and struggled, but then got behind the wheel of the car.  With the woman still struggling with him, the man drove away, dragging the woman several feet down her driveway, before she fell away from the car.


The carjacked Rolls Royce was last seen driving south down Cedar Swamp Road.


Anyone with information is urged to contact Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS or call 911.


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