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CSH Superintendent Jill Gierasch Retires

By Niall Fitzgerald


After only three years as Superintendent of the Cold Spring Harbor Schools, Jill Gierasch has announced that she will be retiring in June.


"After three fulfilling years in CSH and a 35 year career in education, I am announcing my retirement," stated Gierasch. "As I transition into retirement, I look forward to spending more time with my friends and family,

including my new great niece, Laine and nephew, Pressley.


"Being more involved in their educational journey and catching up on the experiences I have missed will be high on my to-do list."


Giersach, age 57, was hired in 2021, at the close of the COIVID Pandemic.


She complied with the August, 2012 Order of then newly-elevated Governor Kathy Hocul to re-impose the wearing of medical masks on school children, despite the NYS Health Commissioner and ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo having previously ended the child mask mandate.


Gierasch also oversaw the settlement of two major sexual molestation legal cases against the district.


It has been a joy to spend my career doing what I love most - working with children," added Gierasch. "I am incredibly proud of our students and their remarkable achievements. Witnessing their growth over the years has been truly rewarding, and I am grateful to have been a part of their journey."


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