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Edward Scott for North Hempstead Town Board

In this hotly-contested race for the Albertson, Mineola, Roslyn and Searingtown district, the incumbent, Peter Zuckerman is facing Edward Scott, a local independent businessman.

Zuckerman has been a mediocre lump on the Town Board - passively following the more assertive women in his Democratic caucus. He even voted to try to "ban" this newspaper - after first voting not to ban it - when he was told to switch his vote. He talks openly of wanting a low-level judgeship, and seems to be "holding-on" to the Town Board just to leverage a judicial nomination.

Edward Scott, unlike Zuckerman, actually WANTS to serve on the Town Board. As President of the Albertson Civic Association, and an elected Commissioner of the Albertson Water District, Scott has already "gotten things done" - a new Veteran's Memorial; a derelict sump turned into a park; a new Clock tower; a restored Gazebo; flowering trees and landscaping - and a lot more.

The Leader endorses Edward Scott for North Hempstead Town Board.


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