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Endorsement: Jake Blumencranz for NYS Assembly (District 15)

Assemblyman Mike Montesano became a Judge earlier this year, leaving an open seat for the Oyster Bay-based 15th NYS Assembly district. The better choice in the election is Republican Jake Blumencranz.

Blumencranz, a 26-year-old insurance executive who lives in Oyster Bay, is a graduate of Rice University and the London School of Economics. He brings intelligence, common sense, and passion to his first run for political office, with a four-point plan to reduce and rationalize taxes, and a commitment reduce the crime threat that Governor Hochul and the one-party Democratic legislature have unleashed upon New York.

Blumencranz promises to vote to repeal the disastrous "No bail" crime laws passed by the Democrats. He also pledges to be a fair-minded centrist, who will strive to work with Democrats of good faith - for the good of Long Island.

The Democrats are running 45-year-old Amanda Field who serves on the Plainview Water District. Field was the unsuccessful candidate for Oyster Bay Town Supervisor last year against Supervisor Joe Saladino, but was crushed, getting only 27% of the vote.

Field has faced ethics problems over an illegal apartment rental, and over her current campaign manager, who is affiliated with an openly anti-Semitic political group. Field has also pledged to follow the failed policies of Gov Kathy Hochul, which have driven over 2 million people out of New York, and generated a crime wave not seen in 35 years.

The Leader endorses Jake Blumencranz for NYS Assembly.


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