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Florida Gov Ron DeSantis on Long Island

By Mark Demetropoulos

“Florida is where Woke-ism goes to die!” declared Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to a standing-room only crowd on Long Island.

Over seven hundred local Long Island residents came out in the rain to see and meet DeSantis who spoke last weekend at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. He was introduced by Nassau GOP Chairman Joe Cairo, County Executive Bruce Blakeman, and former Congressman Lee Zeldin.

DeSantis was on a "book tour" to promote his new book: The Courage to be Free: Florida's Blueprint for America.

Poignantly, cheerfully - and with good humor - DeSantis spoke for nearly an hour as he informed the crowd about how Florida has succeeded where New York's Democrats have failed, and how Florida is now the leading state for job creation and growth.

DeSantis touted his spectacular record in what he called “The Free State of Florida.”

He joked with Zeldin - his former colleague in the US Congress - stating, “Lee might very well have been Governor of New York, had fewer New York voters not migrated away to my home state of Florida.”

DeSantis described how the school system in Florida has greatly improved since he took office and how his administration push parental rights and choice for their children’s education. He stated that in his state – parents of children will have the choice and the monetary funds do to decide what type of school their children will attend being either private, charter or public school.

He also discussed how Florida is enacting a Parents' Bill of Rights, to ensure that parents are protected against state governments, medical boards and school district bureaucrats who would dictate to parents how to raise their children.

DeSantis also stated that Doctors and other medical professionals who perform any "gender-reassigning" medical surgery or drug treatments on children, without parental consent, will lose their medical license.

DeSantis has challenged the Biden administration for not defending our Southern Boarder. He then discussed how he deployed the local US Coast Guard to protect the Florida Coast, stating "If the Biden administration fails to protect Florida, I will.”

After his talk, DeSantis met nearly every one of the attendees and autographed many of his books.


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