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Greenlawn Teen Beaten by Man in Ballfield

By Chris O'Neill

A Greenlawn ball field saw violence recently - over a wayward baseball - as Andrew Chiaro of Massapequa was arrested for beating a 14-year-old boy.

Chiaro was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

The incident occurred at about 7PM at the Greenlawn Skatepark in Huntington, which is adjacent to the baseball field.

Trent Rounsavall, was in the skate park with his bike when a baseball flew into his near vicinity – in fact, according to Rounsavall, nearly hitting him. He is a freshman at Saint Anthony’s High School.

The teen put the baseball in his pocket. Chairo, who is 36, and who plays in the Long Island Stan Musial Baseball League, came over, allegedly cursed at Rounsavall, and then reached for the teen’s pocket before manhandling him – all of which was caught on video.

Rounsavall’s mother, Terry Lipton, was present, and called the police.

According to Lipton, when the police came, they first told her son “You’re not hurt that bad, you are the same size as him. You know if we charge him with harassment, you’ll just get slapped with robbery and you’ll both be in cuffs.”

She then demanded that Chiaro be arrested, and wants the police to do an internal investigation.

Meanwhile the baseball team is now banned from playing in Huntington, and Chiaro is suspended for 10 weeks. The Long Island Stan Musial Baseball League is considering a lifetime ban.

Chairo will have a hearing in court later this month.


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