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Lafazan Slammed by Police as "Liar" - Campaign Collapsing

By Mark Demetropoulos In an unprecedented event, the three police unions representing Nassau County - the PBA, Superior Officers, and Detectives - all called a joint "emergency Press Conference" last week to denounce Nassau Legislator Joshua Lafazan - as a blatant "liar." The police denounced Lafazan for issuing fake mailers - where Lafazan falsely claims that he has the support of all the police unions. In fact - he has none. The police unions have never before had to call an emergency press conference - or ever had an elected official, like Lafazan, lie so flagrantly. Superior Officers' President Ricky Frassetti labeled Lafazan's deceptive ads as "disgraceful.” Lafazan just put out another mailer saying he was endorsed by the Upper Brookville and Muttontown Police Departments - except that too is a lie. The Leader confirmed with Village Officials and multiple sources that none of the North Shore Mayors or Police Departments have made an endorsement in the race. “Lafazan never had permission to use our logo,” stated one official. All the major police unions in Nassau have now endorsed Lafazan's opponent, local mom and assistant County attorney Samantha Goetz. But lying about non-existent police endorsements is the least of Lafazan's problems, as his campaign is hit with new ethics violations, and is collapsing. Two weeks ago, Lafazan cleaned-out over $200,000 from his federal campaign - money he raised claiming it would be used to fight George Santos - and moved it to spend on his county political campaign. A blatantly illegal "funds transfer." According to the Federal Election Commission, “No transfers of funds or assets may be made between a candidate's separate campaign committees while the candidate is "actively seeking" more than one office at the same time." Watchdog groups note that Lafazan committed multiple other violations when he ran social media ads for his legislative campaign “Paid for by Lafazan for Congress,” and collected online donations for his legislative campaign and then charged the processing fees to his congressional account. Mixing campaign funds is strictly prohibited. According to observers - both Democrat and Republican - Lafazan’s political career is “over.” “It’s clear that Lafazan has decided that 'the ends justify the means',” said one observer. “Whether that’s lying, cheating, or stealing, Lafazan is more deceitful than ever before, and that should scare everyone.”


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