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Late Night Car Burglars Hit Flower Hill

By Nolan Cleary 

Several cars in the Village of Flower Hill were broken into and burglarized by a pair of car burglars from New York City, who stole the owners' credit cards.

Arrested are Logan Jones, age 20 of Manhattan; and Tammy Sandoval, age 22 of the Bronx. 

Jones and Sandoval were arrested and charged with credit card theft after breaking into cars on Mason Avenue in Flower Hill..

According to police, three burglars were involved in the car break-ins at approximately 1:40 AM on Tuesday, February 13th.

A neighbor spotted the burglars in the act of committing the car break-ins, and quickly alerted police.

Police then apprehended and arrested Jones and Sandoval at the nearby Manhasset LIRR station parking lot.

Jones was in possession of crack cocaine, and he was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Jones and Sandoval have been charged with fourth-degree grand larceny and second-degree attempted grand larceny.

Police have yet to locate the third suspect involved in theft.  

Jones and Sandoval were arraigned in Court on Tuesday, February 13th.


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