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LV Woman Develops "Music Mutz" Dog Calming Collar

By Maureen Daly

Between twenty and forty percent of household dogs suffer from separation anxiety and other anxiety disorders. Symptoms may include howling, barking, escaping, and destructive behavior including housebreaking accidents, Anxiety can be brought on by thunder storms, loud noise. Fireworks and being left home alone.

Desperate to help sooth their beloved pets people have turned to medication and sedatives. It can be difficult for the dog to cope with the side effects of these treatments. Thunder shirts and soothing wraps only help a minimum of dogs to cope.

Kris Baggelaar, a lifelong Locust Valley resident and dog lover is a founding partner in Music Mutz a company dedicated to comforting anxious dogs and their owners without medications.

Music helps calm anxious dogs. Kris and her partners have developed an MP3 player especially for dogs.

This MP3 player dog collar is an all natural approach to soothing anxious dogs. The battery life is a full 14 hours, which allows for long work days away from dog, and the battery fully recharges in only one hour.

Studies have shown that most dogs had a reduction in if not an elimination of symptoms of stress. Dogs did not need to be limited to one room with music playing. The collar allows the soothing music to follow the dog wherever he goes.

The soothing music is arranged by pet music maestro Bradley Joseph. For more information go to

A Kickstarter campaign began on March 1st and runs through April 15th. Through Kickstarter, search: Music Mutz, one can order a collar for 40-50 percent off the retail price of $89,95.

“Our dogs are part of our families," stated Kris. "And just as we want all the humans in our lives to be healthy and happy, we want the same for our beloved dogs.”


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