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Mazi Pilip for US Congress

The Special Election for US Congress in NY-3 turns on one issue: Do you support the dangerous dysfunctional foreign Migrant policies of President Joe Biden ? Or not ?


This newspaper has previously - repeatedly - endorsed both Republican Mazi Pilip, a two-term Nassau County Legislator; and Democrat Tom Suozzi, a former Congressman and two-term Nassau County Executive. Both candidates are highly-qualified, competent, well-meaning, and dedicated public servants.


Despite the hyperbolic DC-produced, nonsense political campaign ads, neither Mazi nor Suozzi are "extremists."  Suozzi is a mainstream Democrat; and Mazi is a mainstream Republican. 


And Suozzi - reflecting his 22 years in elected office - clearly has more "experience" and "policy depth." But that is NOT what is at stake in this election.


This is a national election - about a real "national crisis" - 7 million illegal foreign Migrants flooding into America in just the past two years.  170,000 Migrants now living in makeshift "tent cities" in NYC. Children's schools shut and converted to migrant shelters.


2,500 Migrant men huddled in tent barracks, in parking lots, along the Nassau-Queens border. A Migrant crime explosion - with local Police and civilians being violently attacked and beaten by migrant gangs. Even the Democratic NYC Mayor has warned that the Migrant invasion is "destroying the city."


Enough is enough. This election is being watched closely to see whether Americans care about the Migrant crisis. The Special Election in NY-3 is literally "ground zero" for America.


A vote for the Democrat will mean the Biden administration will keep "open borders" - and another 3 million foreign Migrants will pour into this country.


A vote for the Republican will send a shock message to Washington that "things have to change."


Mazi Pilip is a dedicated public servant, mother, military veteran, and experienced political fighter.  Her election will send a message to the Biden administration and the US Congress - that the Migrant Crisis must be addressed and the invasion stopped now.


The Leader endorses Mazi Pilip for United States Congress. 


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