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Memo to Albany: Support DA Tierney's Anti-Fentanyl Laws

The opioid and fentanyl drug crisis is beyond reaching crisis levels.  Over 120,000 Americans will die this year, with Fentanyl overdoses alone accounting for over 80,000 of those deaths.


For too long our "leaders" in Albany haven't cared at all.  Giving hypocritical lip service to "helping people," while indifferently watching tons of lethal drugs come pouring across our southern border.


The result has been a devastation.  A crippled generation of young people.  A death rate that dwarfs the death rates in Gaza or Israel from the current war against Hamas.


One person who has stood up to do the right thing is Suffolk County's District Attorney Ray Tierney.


Tierney has taken the case for reform of New York's ridiculous "no bail" bail laws to Albany, to impose jail detention and stiffer prison penalties for drug dealers dealing in especially deadly fentanyl and xzlazine.    


Currently, a drug dealer arrested with eight (8) ounces of fentanyl - half a pound - is free from posting bail.  Out free the same day. 


But half a pound of fentanyl would kill 100,000 people.  It's literally a weapon of mass destruction.


This week, Oyster Bay Supervisor Joe Saladino (R) and the TOB Board joined in support of Tierney's anti-drug reforms.  The first town outside of Suffolk to weigh-in. 


NYS Assemblyman Steve Stern (D-Melville) has introduced a bill to adopt Tierney's anti-drug proposals.  Stern has appeared jointly with Tierney to fight for their enactment - bipartisanship for the common good.


The NYS Legislature needs to get behind Assemblyman Stern's bill, and start doing something to fight the scourge of drug deaths and ruined lives that this horrible epidemic has wrought.


We don't have a moment - or another young life - to lose.     


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