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Nassau Comptroller Elaine Phillips Teaches Kids Self-Defense

By Thomas Nothel

Nassau County Comptroller isn't just an accomplished practitioner of the martial arts - who has trained in Korean Martial Arts for 28 years and holds a 6th degree black belt. She is also teaching Girl Scouts the valuable life lessons of discipline and self defense.

Last week, Phillips had the opportunity to teach an empowering self-defense workshop to Girl Scout Troop 512 from Munsey Park and Shelter Rock. During the workshop, Comptroller Phillips showed the group of 4th graders, some powerful and useful skills.

"This was a great day for an empowering self-defense session with a 4th grade Girl Scout Troop from Munsey Park and Shelter Rock," stated Phillips. "I even had the opportunity to meet a student who has been practicing at my martial arts studio, @kwonswellness, for the past six years."

"I hope each of you walked away learning some valuable skills to boost confidence, enhance personal safety, and most importantly, that you had fun !" said Phillips to the students.

Phillips also thanked troop leaders, Lily Chan, Liz Daly, and Marielle Fietta.

Last November, Phillips taught a self-defense class to the Northside 1st grade Daisy Scout Troop 27.


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