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New Book Store for Huntington

By Chris O’Neill

The closing of Book Revue, a north shore institution for 43 years, has left a gaping hole in the commercial and community life of the north shore. Now, a former Book Revue manager is moving to “reincarnate” the spirit of the closed book store, with a new independent downtown Huntington bookstore.

Mallory Braun, age 28, a former Book Revue manager, has already raised $250,000 in investment capital, and received over 5,000 used book donations, to open new store, to be called “The Next Chapter.”

Braun plans to open next year, and is looking at locations in Huntington Village near to the old Book Revue. She says she is getting support and mentorship from her old boss, Richard Klein, who founded Book Revue back in the late 1970’s.

“I think independent bookstores are really important,” stated Braun. “I hope that it will in some way fill the shoes of Book Revue — fill the void that Book Revue left.”

Book Revue closed in September, 2021, after being shut-down and locked-down – like most New York small businesses – by the Orders of former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-Westchester). Over 25% of small businesses in America were destroyed by the effects of the lockdowns.

At the time of its closure, Book Revue owed their landlord over $400,000 in unpaid rent for the downtown Huntington location.

Braun hopes to offer classes, workshops, and book readings as part of the new book store. The Next Chapter will join Theodore's Books, which opened last month in downtown Oyster Bay.


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