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Northport Protest Over 1400 Northwell Firings

By Rupert Deedes

New York State's largest hospital corporation fired 1,400 hospital and nursing home workers in New York this week, spawning protests at local hospitals, and at the Northport home of Michael Dowling, the President of Northwell Health. Dowling is a close political ally of ousted former Governor Andrew Cuomo, and issued the order that anyone not vaccinated with the Covid vaccines - regardless of whether they had previously had Covid and thus had natural immunity - would be immediately fired.

Northwell employs 76,000 people in New York, making it the state’s largest health care corporation.

New York State's new Governor, Kathy Hochul, issued an Order that all health-care workers had to be vaccinated – and the state does not recognize any exemptions for religious reasons, nor most exemptions for medical reasons, including allergic reactions to vaccines. Hochul replaced the cross she once wore around her neck with a necklace that reads "Vaxed," stated that "God" wanted people to be vaccinated.

The Covid vaccines have caused the highest-ever rate of adverse reactions of any recent vaccine, with 8,164 vaccine deaths recorded in America as of September 27th, according to the CDC. The total number of adverse reactions totals 569,294, according to the CDC, with a reported 2,801 cases of Myocarditis or congestive heart failure.

New York says that, as of September 30th, 87 percent of the state’s health-care workers have been vaccinated. Gov Hochul last week declared a "state of emergency," for the health carte sector, due to the labor shortages caused by the firings. That Order allows her to deploy National Guard troops, expedite visas for foreign workers, and recruit newly graduated or recently retired health care professionals to address staffing shortages.

Northwell said that terminated employees would be given thirty days to get vaccinated and schedule an interview if they want to be reinstated.


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