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Obituary: Barbara Regina Demetropoulos


Barbara Regina Demetropoulos – was born on Long Island on August 23, 1943, and recently passed away due to her battle with brain cancer, on March 23, 2022.

Barbara was a woman of great faith. She was very active at her church – the Roman Catholic Church of Lake Worth, Florida - where she volunteered in the church office and was a Eucharistic Minister as well.

Barbara was a loving wife for 48 years to Alex Demetropoulos (her husband who passed away in 2012) as well as a devoted Mother to three wonderful sons, Gregory, Michael and Mark; a daughter-in-law, Elizabeth; and five grandchildren, Rebecca, Lily, Nicole, Amanda and Emily.

All who knew her, loved and cherished her.

Her son Mark Demetropoulos read this poem at her service:

"What My Mom means to Me! When I was young and yearning to walk – it was my Mother who showed me the way – learning to step one foot in front of the other, and I finally did learn to walk, and then talk – before both older brothers. When I wanted to learn how to have fun – it was my Mother who showed to me how - to play and get things done, above all others. When I didn’t believe I could learn to read – it was my Mother who took the lead and sat with me, above any other, and planted the seed - to which I finally learned to believe in myself - and finally indeed, I learned how to read. For it was my Mother, who above any other – including my own friends - did teach me how to dance, and prance, and advance in life, more than any other. For it was my Mother who believed I would never fail, even when my future seemed murky, and I myself was so unsure. She would say “Get it straight jerky - you will endure, you will achieve, and you will be great - because you are pure.” For it was my Mother, who, when I was in doubt – gave me an uplifting shout - as well as all positive cheers, as opposed to dispositive jeers, often from my own close peers. And it was my Mother – who taught me to persevere and succeed unlike most others. For it was my Mother who, when I was in doubt , stopped me from going crazy, by giving me a shove, and told me to keep faith and that I too would soon fall in love. For I owe so much to my Mother – who loved me like none other." - Mark Demetropoulos


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