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Oyster Bay License & Passport Services Uninterrupted Despite Pandemic

by Rich LaMarca

This has truly been a year like no other. Since the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been reminded of the need to come together as one community. Neighbors have been helping neighbors, whether it be with grocery deliveries, supplying PPE, or donating blood, we have witnessed extraordinary compassion and solidarity in coming together in this Town to combat an invisible enemy. In Town government, we have also continued to do our part when it comes to countering the crises brought on by the pandemic. From the height of the outbreak to present day, Town of Oyster Bay government has continued to be fully operational as we deliver every available service during this unprecedented time. As Town Clerk, I’m proud of the many services my staff provides our residents. From parking permits to marriage licenses, from birth certificates to passport applications, we provide our constituents with a myriad of services at both our Town Hall North and Town Hall South locations. My office issues permits to landscapers, tow truck operators, taxi and limo companies, funeral directors and more, as well as certifications for dog licenses, births and deaths. We also issue ‘No Soliciting’ stickers for residents to affix to their homes, so they can signal to unwanted salespeople walking door-to-door that they do not wish to be disturbed. In the best of times, our office is filled with constituents being helped by my staff. This year however, we have faced the challenges brought on by continuing these in-person services at a time when we’ve been forced to limit face-to-face interactions. We’ve been very creative throughout this process, and ensured that delivery of our services never stopped. We opened walk-up windows at both Town Halls, allowing for residents to receive services in the safety of the open air. We’ve met with our constituents in various locations outside of Town Hall, and opened portions of our offices to the public on an appointment-only basis to ensure everyone’s safety. I have also had the pleasure of personally officiating close to 150 in-person, socially-distanced wedding ceremonies, including marriage vows for frontline workers concerned for their personal safety and the health benefits of their loved ones. As we reach the conclusion of 2020, I am happy to report that, as a result of rethinking and re-imagining the way in which we provide service our residents, the Office of the Town Clerk is functioning as effectively as ever! We have streamlined processes like never before, and made the services that my office provides to residents more efficient and more convenient. While we all continue to work together to get through this pandemic, you can rest assured that your local government officials are continually working to enhance operations and ensure that vital services go uninterrupted.


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