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The Leader Endorses Anne Donnelly for Nassau DA

In this race for an open seat, the choice is clear - Anne Donnelly.

The Democrats nominated Todd Kaminsky, a state legislator. In 2014, while working in the federal US Attorney's office - and preparing to run himself for office - Kaminsky issued a political 20-count indictment against Republican US Congressman Michael Grimm - seeking to cost Grimm re-election.

Kaminsky failed. Grimm won re-election, and the US Attorney was forced to dismiss 19 out of 20 of Kaminsky's nonsense charges. That is called "weaponizing" prosecutions for partisan politics. Kaminsky's actions were grossly unethical - and totally corrupt.

Kaminsky's recent grandstanding, demanding prosecution of Oyster Bay Republicans - after the sitting Democratic DA cleared them - shows that Kaminsky has learned nothing. He will abuse the power of the DA for political purposes. He is totally unfit for office.

Anne Donnelly is a 30-year veteran of the Nassau DA's office. She served as a successful bureau chief - under both Democrats and Republicans. Her competence, fairness and integrity are beyond question.

The Leader strongly endorses Anne Donnelly for Nassau DA.


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