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The US Fails America's Commitments to Allies - and Humanity

"Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" boasted Adolph Hitler in August, 1939, just days before launching the war that would kill 40 million - and see the most depraved horrors - including genocide and brutal ethnic cleansing - inflicted upon humanity.

But just this past week, a big part of Armenia - the Karabakh region with 150,000 people - was bombed, invaded and is being "ethnically cleansed" of the Armenian people who have lived there for 2,000 years. Thousands murdered. Tens of thousands terrorized and driven from their homes - apparently forever. The western media barely mention it.

The neighboring Republic of Azerbaijan - newly rich from the oilfields of Baku - was the culprit. A modern genocide - Happening today.

One might think that the US government would react - that Congressmen would demand action. After all the Armenian Genocide by Ottoman Turkey was one of the darkest actions in what would be a blood-stained 20th century. One might think that Azerbaijan would be condemned. Face boycotts. Face war crimes charges. Be forced to stop. But one would be wrong.

America's "leadership" was nearly silent. The US Congress did nothing. The US President uttered a few platitudes - and did nothing. Oil and lobbying money trumped human decency - and Washington groveled before the lucre of Azerbaijan's oil money.

But following that act of American cowardice, came a second one: The US Congress' cut-off of military aid to the Ukraine, as part of "the deal" to extend a 45-day spending package.

The effects of the US Congress' actions were like a thunderbolt: Russia's dictator Putin was immediately emboldened; And US allies saw instability, weakness, unreliability and prevarication in America. The heroic 20-month crusade by patriotic Ukrainians to resist and roll-back Putin's invasion was immediately thrown into peril by a bunch of petty squabbling preening Washington politicians.

The Ukrainian struggles of the past 20 months gave promise to a historic reversal of the Thirteen Years War (1654-1667). The war that started Russia's rise and subjugation of the peoples of Eastern Europe under its tyranny. That moment was almost here.

The "logic" of the Ukraine aid cut-off defies reason: "Let's help a genocidal, murdering, anti-American dictator Vladimir Putin win - so we can prove...." What exactly ? That members of Congress can help destabilize the world ? Or get more people murdered ? Or undermine America's allies ?

America is still the mightiest country in the world. And has the power and reach to steer history. President Biden and the US Congress can still act - wisely - to stop the Armenian Karabakh genocide. And help the Ukrainian people take back their own country.

But there is not much time to spare.


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