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Three “Gun-Runners” Arrested in Huntington

by Chris O’Neill

Three men dubbed the “Glock Trio” were arrested by Suffolk Police on gun-running and weapons charges in Huntington. They are: Dedrick Austin, age 27, of Medford; Tavon Pascal, age 24, of Huntington Station; and Jihad Alexander, age 30, of Copiague. The three were in possession of multiple firearms, including loaded Glock pistols, which were either previously used in crimes or reported stolen. Tavon Pascal, a 2016 graduate of Walt Whitman High School, and an alleged member of “The Bloods” criminal gang, was previously arrested in 2019 for gun-running 73 automatic weapons into Suffolk County. Pascal was then charged with gun-running through the “Iron Pipeline,” an illegal gun smuggling enterprise leading from Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia to Suffolk County. Pascal’s 2019 gun-running arrest was accompanied by much fanfare from Suffolk District Attorney Tim Sini (D-Babylon), who held a press conference clutching the guns smuggled by Pascal. Pascal was also previously arrested for a 2019 burglary at a home in Greenlawn and theft of a BMW car. The DA would not comment on why Pascal - a repeat felony offender - is still out of jail and out on the streets – and now smuggling more guns. “These guys are bad guys. Gun-runners with a history of criminal gang affiliation,” stated one police source. “Thank God, we caught them, and kept these guns out of the hands of violent gang members.” All three of the "Glock Trio" will face felony charges: two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, loaded firearm, third-degree criminal possession of a weapon and fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property. In addition, while in custody, Jihad Alexander tried to break-out of the police station at the Second Precinct on Park Avenue. He was quickly re-captured and now faces additional third-degree escape as well as second-degree unlawful possession of marijuana charges.


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