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TOB Seeking to Honor Local Veterans

By Nolan Cleary

Nominations for Town of Oyster Bay’s hometown hero veteran have officially opened.

Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and the Town Board made the announcement this week, that nominations are open to veterans who live in the area.

Those selected will be honored at the Town’s ‘Salute to Veterans’ Celebration scheduled for Tuesday, July 12, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. at TOBAY Beach. All residents are invited to attend.

“The Town of Oyster Bay’s ‘Salute to America’ Celebration provides the ideal backdrop to recognize veterans and individuals who continue to actively serve in the community and advocate for issues and concerns relative to veterans," stated Saladino. "The Town is proud to recognize and honor amazing individuals who have helped to shape our communities for the better through their continuing advocacy and exemplary community service each year,”

“I hope residents will consider submitting a nomination of an individual who deserves special recognition for their continued efforts on behalf of the veteran’s community," added Saladino. "I look forward to recognizing the efforts of outstanding individuals who have impacted the lives of our veterans in an extraordinary way yet again this year.”

Nominations will remain open until June 13th.

Participants can enters into one of three different categories. Veterans Volunteer of the Year is awarded to a local veteran. The Friend of Veterans Volunteer of the Year is awarded to a local non veteran. Veterans or non veterans are eligible to participate in the Lifetime Achievement Award. Participants must describe their ongoing experience with veterans.


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