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10 Local Students win Regeneron Awards

By Thomas Nothel


The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair saw 1,700 student finalists from grades 9-12 selected to compete in 22 categories in Los Angeles. Ten local high school students competed in the Regeneron finals and won top awards.


The finalists were selected for their commitment to innovation in tackling challenging scientific questions, using authentic research practices and creating solutions to the problems of tomorrow, and receive a monetary award.


The Awards presented in each of the 22 ISEF categories included 1st Award: $5,000 2nd Award: $2,000; 3rd Award: $1,000; and 4th Award: $500.


In addition, the Top Awards were selected from among the 1st Award winners, and included the George D. Yancopoulos Innovator Award of $75,000; the Regeneron Young Scientist Award of $50,000; the Gordon Moore Award for Positive Outcomes for Future Generations of $50,000; the Craig Barrett Award for Innovation of $10,000; the H. Robert Horvitz Prize for Fundamental Research of $10,000; and the Peggy Scripps Award for Science Communication of $10,000.


More than 450 finalists received awards and prizes for their innovative research. 


The 10 local High School students, who won awards in their Project Categories are:


Milan Lustig, Cold Spring Harbor High School, Third Award of $1,000

Natasha Kulviwat, Jericho High School, Third Award of $1,000

Katherine Lee, Jericho High School, Fourth Award of $500

Manfred Lim, Jericho High School, Third Award of $1,000

Alena Tsai, Manhasset High School, Fourth Award of $500

Dylan Yoon, Manhasset High School Third Award of $1,000

Emily Zhao, Manhasset High School, Fourth Award of $500

Kaitlin Ho, North Shore High School, Third Award of $1,000

Tessla Chan, Roslyn High School, Third Award of $1,000

Samyra Mahiba, Jericho High School, NY, Third Award of $1,000


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