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Glen Cove City Art Project

A popup artsandcraftsexhibit took place recently in Glen Cove at the historic Coles Building on Glen Street, across from the restored 1907 courthouse, which now houses the North Shore Historical Museum.

The Coles House building had been painted with urban graffiti art, both inside and out, on the floors and ceilings doors, and stairs, and out- side exotic cars were similarly deco- rated. One car drew a great deal of attention as it looked like something out of a Transformers movie.

Also outside was a big box where people could donate Toys 4 Tots, and a car outside was also painted with the Toys for Tots logo.

The building, which in the past after being restored, housed several shops and restaurants, was then empty, neglected and in disrepair, until it was sold to Joe LaPadula who owns Martino Concepts on Glen Cove Avenue in Glen Cove. The First City Art Project, took place earlier this year, when the outside was painted, but was then repainted white as per city agreements, and was repainted white again, soon after the second event was over.

Inside the building the many rooms, on three floors, were set up with booths by local artists selling, among other items, painted clothing and sneakers, lamps created from interesting bottles, jewelry, and collectible items. A parent from the Bully Proof Project was there handing out infor- mation and talking to people. The Bully Proof Project was founded by Maria Revera Hlatky, Coleen Spinello and Teresa Leotta several years ago, with a mission to prevent bullying and to educate everybody as to the negative impact it has on people’s lives.

Refreshments were also available for pur- chase inside the building, and many people attended with their children. The colorful artwork by street artists makes it a very kid friendly place.

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