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Rallies on Gun Legislation



On Saturday, March 24th, Congressmen Tom Suozzi and Peter King will join Long Island high school students for a rally demanding action to stop the senseless mass shootings happening in schools across the nation. “We are inspired by the teenagers and high school students who are standing up collectively and demanding ‘not one more,’ and we want to help them organize across Long Island and beyond. This is a young people’s movement and it’s our job as elected officials to shepherd this passion so meaningful action is taken at the congressional level to address gun violence prevention.

This is not about Republicans and Democrats. This is about doing what is right, and I’m proud to join Congressman King in this bipartisan effort,” said Suozzi. “I am proud to work with Congressman Suozzi on this effort and will continue to advocate for policies that prevent gun violence and keep our communities and children safe. I have continually been a lead sponsor of legislation which would expand the current background check system and look forward to working with Congressman Suozzi to make sure it becomes law,” said King.

The legislation proposed is the H.R. 4240, the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act, which is being led by Congressman King and cosponsored by Congressman Suozzi. The bill would expand the existing background check system to include all commercial firearm sales, provide reasonable exceptions for family and friends, and preserve Second Amendment Rights. It would also offer states better federal funding if they maintain proper record sharing systems that help report criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. The rally will take place the same day as the “March for Our Lives” demonstration in Washington, D.C. Additional details such as where and rally time will be forthcoming.

With the national conversation continuing about gun control in the wake of the Feb. 14th shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, a recent Marist Poll found that 71 percent of Americans, including 58 percent of gun owners, believe that the laws governing the sale of firearms need to be stricter. That percentage is up from 64 percent in October 2017.

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