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Glen Cove Seeks Ferry Operators

On Wednesday, April 17th Glen Cove officials met with potential operators for Glen Cove’s planned commuter ferry.

The plans are for use of the newly-built ferry terminal or dock area to provide services between Glen Cove, and Midtown (34th street), and Wall Street (Pier 11) in Manhattan.

The ferry will also increase transportation options for special events both in New York City and on Long Island, such as concerts at venues such as the Tilles Center and Morgan Park Music Festival, Mets games, and festivals such as the Oyster Festival and Sea Cliff Mini Mart.

The Glen Cove Mayor and City Council will review all bids from potential vendors to select a serviuce provider. Under a series of state and federal grants to Glen Cove, the City must have the ferry service up and running by mid 2020.

“Our ferry will be mutually beneficial to both Glen Cove and New York City.” stated Glen Cove Mayor Tim Tenke, who is running for re-election later this year against former Mayor Reggie Spinello.

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