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Locust Valley Doctor Cleared

Dr. Dwight De Risi, 71, of Locust Valley, Great Neck surgical oncologist, was cleared of any wrongdoing on May 31st. Nassau District Court Judge Valerie Alexander found there was no probable cause to arrest the doctor last June when police arrested him on a patient’s accusation against him. The police had charged the doctor with misdemeanor offenses of sexual abuse and forcible touching. Dr. De Risiis a surgeon and a founder of a nonprofit network for breast cancer patients. He graduated from Gerogetown University School of Medicine.

The patient said that after a painful procedure. the doctor kissed her on the mouth, rubbed her stomach and inner leg and said, ”You did good.” There was a nurse present. The judge stated that the police did not find the nurse to question her, and arrested the doctor on the word of the patient.

Dr De Risi, had said in police reports that in all his 37-years of practice, no one has ever complained. In court a few dozen of his supporters were there to applaud the decision. Some had testified for the doctor, that he was a man of honor, and that the doctor was an innocent man, and had been treated unfairly.

A spokesperson for Nassau District Attorney’s Office said prosecutors will put in a motion to reargue the probable cause issue.

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