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A Night of Celebration in GC

Glen Cove student-volunteers were recognized at the meeting (from left): Morgan Starke, Aisling Green, Alessandra Juarez, Ellie Knobel and Carlos Rios. Theyare pictured with Board of Education President Gail Nedbor-Gross (left) and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna.

The Glen Cove City School District’s Board of Education meeting on June 5 was filled with joy and celebration. The district commended volunteers who helped tutor younger students, said goodbye to retirees who have given many years of service to Glen Cove and congratulated 13 tenure recipients.

The meeting first spotlighted the student volunteers who work with their struggling peers. Students recognized included Aisling Greene, Alessandra Juarez, Caralena Genova, Ellie Knobel and Morgan Starke, who participated with second graders in the math mentoring program, and Carlos Rios, who volunteered with kindergartners after school.

“The impact you’re making is profound, and you should be proud of the work you’ve done,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna said. “Please continue to be positive role models for other students to follow.”

In what was bittersweet for the various school district representatives who spoke on their behalf, Glen Cove also said goodbye to six retirees who are moving on to the next stage of their lives. This includes Rosemarie Bongiorno, ENL teacher; Debra Mercante, secretary; Sheryl Palmer, science teacher; Carmelina Peralta, school psychologist; Sarah Phegley, elementary teacher; and Donna Staab, elementary teacher. Dr. Rianna thanked them for their contributions to the Glen Cove family and wished them luck in their future endeavors.

To wrap up the recognition portion of the Board meeting, the 13 tenure recipients were celebrated. After going through the multilayered requirements to attain tenure, these Glen Cove educators were each commended by their principals and department heads. Dr. Rianna shared words of wisdom with them as well.

“Don’t lose your passion,” she said. “Please continue the wonderful work you do on a daily basis and take care of our students.”

Tenure recipients included:

• Ann-Marie Cairo, speech and language.

• Rebecca Carfora, English language arts.

• Cynthia Geraci, elementary. • Melissa Harechmak, elementary.

• Allison Hernandez, director of special education.

• Scott Johnson, special education.

• Laura Makula, special education.

• Mary Maloney, elementary.

• Danielle Pedretti, reading.

• Marissa Plactere, elementary.

• Tracy Roberts, social studies.

• Tamara Sequino, special education.

• Rachel Sheridan, special education.

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