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Old Tappan Brewery in Bayville

Old Tappan Brewery as of July 12, 2019 is open for business on Ludlam Ave., Bayville. The owners Matthew Cryan and Brent Kunkle are friendly and knowledgeable about the micro-brewery business. Both long time friends decided two years ago that this is what they wanted to do, after years of experimentation at home. Matthew is the master Brewer and both chose Bayville as their place of business because they want to become part of the community.

Craft beer has seen a boom because tastes change. Back in the day the average beer drinker was happy to own their favorite beer, and didn’t really experiment too much. These days both male and female are more discerning and like to keep things varied. Drinking has always been perceived as a social activity, it can also be a form of social status. Many people want to be seen as being more “exclusive” by not drinking the regular popular brands. Craft beer tastes better because the breweries are small, independent, and therefore the quality of the product going into the beers is better than the mass produced beers. The material left after the fermentation is deposited at the farm at Planting Fields.

Beer was one of the first beverages made. Anything that contains sugar and starch can be fermented - fruit, rice, sugar. Ale is especially popular in Europe. There is an old saying - “In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is strength. In water there is bacteria.”

Craft beers come in many different tastes and sizes, but they pack a punch. Most craft beers range from 5-10% alcohol by volume, but some can reach 20-30%. Less water in the brews means that you don’t need to drink as much beer. Less calories and no more bloated.

bellies. Old Tappan Brewery is a welcome addition to Bayville’s social scene and should do well. Congratulations.

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