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Suozzi and Pence Tour Texas Detention Camps

US Vice President Mike Pence (R-Indiana) and US Congressman Tom Suozzi (D-Glen Cove) both traveled to Texas this past week to tour the migrant detention centers on the US-Mexico border.

Suozzi is the latest in a stream of federal officials, including his colleague, freshman US  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Queens), to travel to the US-Mexico border to highlight the unprecedented crisis of hundreds of thousands of alien migrants attempting to enter the United States, and being detained

by ICE.

Fifteen other members of Congress also travelled to Texas with Suozzi. In February, 2019, President Donald Trump (R-New York), declared a National Emergency on the US Southern Border, due to the 100,000’s of illegal migrants attempting to cross the US border.

According to Suozzi, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency “Is threatening to launch massive raids targeting thousands of immigrants. This is just wrong! People should not have to live in constant fear, nor should they be used as pawns.”

“Our nation is founded on the basic idea that every person has rights. Know yours.” stated Suozzi. “My trip to the Southern Border makes clear that this issue is incredibly complex... Furthermore, there is a culture of fear that permeates... I will not be afraid....” concluded Suozzi.

According to Vice President Pence, “The DHS facility in McAllen is a prime example of why we need to secure our borders. The facility is overcrowded and our system is overwhelmed. It is time for Democrats in Congress to step up, do their jobs, and end this crisis.” Immigration reform has become a political football in Washington.

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