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LVFit Founder Bids Farewell

It’s the end of an era and a new beginning at LVfit in Locust Valley, where the founder, Doug Pollock is retiring. Doug was the first licenced Physical Therapist to teach Pilates on Long Island. He holds a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from NYU, trained at the Rusk Institute, and is a disciple of the celebrated Pilates instructor Romana Krysanowska.

Doug first started his practice of 44 years ago in Great Neck but moved his practice to Locust Valley in 1997. He started in the basement of G. Whillikers and moved in 2003 to his present location on Birch Hill Road, which was an old pharmacy building since the 1890s.

Doug has made many friends here over the years, and the people of Locust Valley and surrounding villages have been very good to him. At 70 years old, he instead looks about 50 due to being in great shape. He will be enjoying his retirement in the Berkshire Mountains, cross country skiing, hiking and kayacking.

Doug Pollock’s last day will be August 9th, but LVFit will still be operating. The staff of Lena and Jane will continue on as instructors. (Read Doug Pollock’s letter on page 2).

Lena, was first exposed to Pilates while recovering from a long-term shoulder injury; she was quickly hooked. A student of Pilates for 12 years, Lena has earned her certification from Pilates Method Alliance. And continues to explore how pilates can best benefit her clients. Most recently, she became certified in Post-Mastecomy Therapeutic Exercise. Lena offers sessions in both English and Russian.

Jane earned her certification in Pilates at Power Pilates in NYC. Her contagious enthusiasm, as well as her broad background (Pilates, Spin, and other specialties), gets her clients onto their own personal road to fitness, quickly and effectively. Jane combines her extensive knowledge of fitness, attention to detail, and dedication to help make your experience both fun and effective!

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