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Former LV Music Teacher Arrested

photo credit: LVCSD

Charles Bull, a Sea Cliff resident, was arrested by the FBI on July 24th, and appeared in a Central Islip federal court on July 25th for his attempts to entice a 13-year old boy into having sex - a crime he admitted to.

Bull was caught in a sting: The boy he was trying to lure was actually an undercover FBI agent. Bull is expected to be charged with second-degree attempted criminal sexual act and attempted endangering the welfare of a child.

Cindy A. Wolff, an FBI special agent, said between July 23rd and July 24th, Bull tried to entice and coerce a teenager into sexual activities on an online forum.

On July 23rd, the FBI investigated an online Kik chatroom called “LongIslandDLMenOnly.”

One user had a chat display name of “Charlie Blue” with the username “bullmusik.” The account belonged to Bull, who worked as a music teaching assistant at Locust Valley School District last year. He also worked at “The School of Rock” music schools in Huntington and Roslyn.

Bull used the account to respond to a post in the chatroom from the officer who was posing as the teenager’s father. The “father’s” message stated that he was on vacation with his son in Long Island and looking for “stuff to do.” Bull privately messaged the father asking for more information.

During the conversation, Bull asked about the sexual orientation of the father and son, as well as the son’s age, which was stated as 13 years old. Bull then expressed interest in having sex with the son and made arrangements to meet the father at a coffee shop in Farmingdale to determine the validity of the father’s messages.

Later that day, around 4 PM, the FBI was surveilling the coffee shop when Bull arrived and introduced himself to the “father” as “Charlie.” Bull then asked for photos of the son. The “father” showed Bull photos purportedly of the boy, who was said to be at a nearby hotel, and then started a three-way Kik private chat between Bull and the accounts of the “father” and “son.”

In the chat, Bull discussed sexual acts he hoped to perform with the boy and requested his hotel room number.

Around 5:15 PM, the FBI saw Bull arrive at the Melville hotel where the “son” was located, but Bull then left.

On July 24th, at 7:16 AM, Bull messaged the “father” to arrange to meet the father and son at the hotel to engage in sexual activities.

Bull arrived at the hotel and entered at 4:14 PM and began heading towards the meet-up spot. Just as he was arriving to the room, the FBI arrested him. Bull had three condoms and an Xbox gift card on him. Bull admitted he was at the hotel to have sex with the boy. “I’m not going to lie, I was there to have sex with the 13 year old boy,” he said. “I know it was wrong, I can’t hide that and I know there’s consequences. I had the condoms and Xbox card with me, the condoms for sex with him if it got past oral sex and the gift card as a gift for the boy.”

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