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Inter Agency of Glen Cove

The IAC, Inter Agency of Glen Cove, met at the Youth Bureau for their final meeting of the season on June 12th, with 23 members representing 22 agencies. Introductions were made around the room, then IAC President Kathie Flynn introduced guest speaker, Alyssa Dominguez Eisenberg, Peer Educator at Nassau University Medical Center, who spoke of the screening process available for breast and prostate cancer, in the van parked in the lot behind the Youth Bureau.

Gabor Karsai spoke of the Envisioning Committee, which had recommended a scholarship of $500 or $1000 to be given to a qualified graduating Glen Cove High School student. Further discussion by the committee is needed for a final decision.

Spiro Tsikus, Executive Director of the Youth Bureau, spoke of the many services offered for youth, including, the Summer Youth Program, Mentoring Program, After 3, sports and many others. The Youth Bureau works with Coleen Spinello and St. Rocco’s Church, so that people in need can visit the St. Rocco’s food pantry by appointment.

The following members of the Executive Board of the IAC were reelected by unanimous vote, Kathie Flynn, Spiro Tsikus, Gabor Karsai, Carolyn Willson, Dr Sharon Harris, Brenda Lopez and Coleen Spinello.

The following announcements were made; Glen Cove Library will participate in a Library Tour with other libraries, from July 1st- August 31st, with raffles and prizes, and scavenger hunts. Visit for more information.

The Tiegemen School will have their 20th annual golf outing on August 19th at the Engineers Country Club in Roslyn Harbor. North Shore Soup Kitchen will add a storytime program for the summer.

Pastor Travis Yee announced the formation of Helping Hands Glen Cove a new non -profit to help the homeless during the day. Several IAC members are on the board of HHGC. The next IAC meeting will be at City Hall Wednesday, September 11th at 9 AM.

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