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New York American Water Rates Highest in Nassau

Credit: FB

A glass of tap water in your house may cost more than the same glass in a house just a few miles away.

A new report by Citizens Campaign for the Environment says the cost of bringing water into homes on Long Island varies greatly among the 48 different water districts serving Nassau and Suffolk. Sea Cliff has some of the highest rates.

Customers of the only privately owned water company, New York American Water in Nassau County, pay the highest bills, according to the survey, at nearly $100 per month.

The Suffolk County Water Authority, which serves about 80% of Suffolk residents, is among the cheapest, with bills averaging less than $30 a month.

The report blames a complex system of rates and fees that are set by largely unaccountable water districts.

Senator Gaughran is working with local officials and New York American Water ratepayers on a public takeover of NYAW, funded in part through an additional $75,000 he secured in the 2019-2020 State budget. He has also sponsored legislation to hold NYAW accountable for false material statements they made to the State Public Service Commission in relation to their rate proceeding, statements in part which allowed their rate hike to be granted.

Gaughran said, “Today’s report is damning and alarming and makes a clear case for public water.

The report confirms everything that New York American Water ratepayers have been battling for years and is why I’m fighting alongside residents for relief. NYAW is not only the single most expensive water provider on Long Island, its rate structure is confusing and difficult to navigate, customer service is abysmal, the company lacks transparency, and fails in communications with customers. This report underscores that clean, safe drinking water is a human right and affirms our battle for public water on Long Island.”

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