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Endorsement: Garrett Chelius

Suffolk Legislature - Garrett Chelius (District 18)

Incumbent Democrat William "Doc" Spencer (18) is one of the worst examples of a cynical, publicity-oriented do-nothing politician. His biggest self-proclaimed "accomplishment" was to ban plastic straws - accomplishing almost nothing for our environment, but hurting medical patients - like stroke victims - who need plastic straws to be able to eat and drink. On the big issues - like the county's fiscal insolvency crisis, or firing the violent corrupt Suffolk police chief - who is now in federal prison - Spencer has been AWOL, or worse, complicit in the Bellone administration corruption and mismanagement. Lloyd Harbor businessman Garrett Chelius (18) brings a breath of fresh air and eagerness to tackle the real problems facing the county.

The Leader strongly endorses Garrett Chelius for Suffolk County Legislature.

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