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Endorsement: Hector Gavilla

Suffolk Legislature - Hector Gavilla (District 16)

Incumbent Democrat Susan Berland has been a local political blight for decades. She was a big part of the corruption of the Petrone administration in Huntington - where big Democratic Party donors got building variances to build big, ugly, cheap, random apartment blocks, eating-up our scarce downtown parking. Worse - and unusual for Berland - she has been quiet as a mouse when it comes to criticizing her leader Steve Bellone for disbursing crass political patronage - like the $24,999 no-show contract to accused child rapist Gary Ackerman, or for Bellone making Suffolk County the worst - most "fiscally stressed" - county in New York. Hector Gavilla has been a community leader and activist. He has taken the lead in opposing the scam of Suffolk's "Red Light Ticket" revenue program. Gavilla brings a breath of fresh air and eagerness to tackle the real problems facing the county.

The Leader strongly endorses Hector Gavilla for Suffolk County Legislature.

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