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Endorsement: John Kennedy

Suffolk County Executive - John Kennedy

Incumbent Steve Bellone (D-Babylon) has destroyed Suffolk County's finances: raising property taxes by 22.4%, imposing $200 million in new taxes and fees; borrowing $1 billion in debt, bloating gross spending by 15%, and political crony giveaways, like the "no show" $24,999 contract Bellone gave to accused child rapist x-Rep. Gary Ackerman. No wonder the NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli - a Democrat - just rated Suffolk as the worst "fiscally stressed" of New York's 62 counties.

Add ethics problems: Bellone appointed corrupt James Burke as his Police Chief, after Burke was already caught having sex with prostitutes in the back of his police car, leaving his gun at a convicted felon's home, and lying to police investigators. Then, after Bellone appointed him, Burke was arrested by the FBI for beating prisoners at police headquarters, charged with toting bags of child porn, and obstructing the FBI. All while part of Bellone's administration.

Thankfully, Bellone's opponent, County Comptroller John Kennedy (R-Smithtown) has been a decent, honorable public official. Kennedy promises to bring "fiscal reality" to Suffolk, and has a record of ethical service - first as a county legislator and for the past four years as County Comptroller.

It's not a close call - John Kennedy for County Executive.

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