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Endorsement: Josh Lafazan

Nassau County Legislature (District 18) - Josh Lafazan

Josh Lafazan is a local political phenomenon: Elected to the Syosset school board at age 18; Elected two years ago as an independent - running as a Democrat - in the predominantly Republican 18th district (Locust Valley, Oyster Bay, Laurel Hollow). And still only 25 years old.

Lafazan has distinguished himself in the Nassau County Legislature with impressive attention to the details of county government - showing real interest in such hyper-local issues as the West Shore Road maintenance - and being often bi-partisan in working with the Nassau County Legislature's Republican majority. Lafazan has not been a rubber-stamp for the often incompetent County Executive Laura Curran (D-Baldwin) administration - being particularly critical of Curran's botched property tax reassessment scheme. And he has cut a truly independent path. He is also easily and quickly accessible, to constituents and the media alike.

The Leader endorses Josh Lafazan for County Legislature.

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