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Endorsement: Reggie Spinello

Glen Cove Mayor - Reggie Spinello

Two years ago, the election for Mayor of Glen Cove was decided by a razor-thin margin of three (3) votes. Two-term Mayor Reggie Spinello, an Independent, was out; and then-Councilman Tim Tenke, a Democrat, was in. Both were clearly surprised by the results.

Spinello's two terms were marked by dramatic progress for Glen Cove: the Garvies Point waterfront and Village Square redevelopments were approved and begun; the Glen Cove-NYC Ferry was ready to launch - with a completed terminal and $16.6 million in federal funding; property values were rising, and Spinello kept City Hall honest and competent.

Spinello's successor as Mayor, Tim Tenke, is an amiable man, but just not up to the job. Once elected, Tenke immediately began fighting the majority Republican City Council. The City Controller, Sandra Clarson, caught Tenke receiving "double payments" from the City as his salary and as insurance reimbursement, and Tenke had to reimburse the City several thousand dollars. Tenke responded by "firing" Clarson - which under the City charter he had no authority to do - and the Courts ordered Tenke to allow Clarson back to work.

Tenke then petulantly barred Clarson - the City's CFO - from preparing the City's annual budget. Instead Tenke drafted the budget all by himself - full of mistakes, misspellings, guesses, and fantasy numbers. If this wasn't such serious business, it would be laughable.

Tenke also caused a delay in the launch of the Glen Cove-NYC Ferry, jeopardizing the $16.6 million in federal funds already spent. Only an emergency intervention by state and federal officials gave Tenke a "lateness waiver" for failing to meet deadlines.

Glen Cove is on the cusp of a profound transformation with the opening of Garvies Point and Village Square - and the deadline again approaching for the opening of the Glen Cove-NYC ferry. The risks are too high. It is time to return the City to experienced hands.

The Leader endorses Reggie Spinello for Mayor.

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