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Endorsement: Rob Trotta

Suffolk County Legislature (District 13) - Robert Trotta

Legislator Robert Trotta (R-Ft Salonga) has been perhaps the strongest voice in Suffolk government for fiscal responsibility and basic decency: Trotta - a retired Suffolk police officer - was virtually alone in opposing the hiring - and demanding the firing - of County Executive Steve Bellone's (D-Babylon) corrupt former Police Chief, James Burke.

The FBI ultimately arrested Burke for beating prisoners, suborning perjury, and wiretapping honest cops to obstruct the FBI. Burke is now a convicted violent federal felon, but Bellone protected Burke for years - despite Trotta's protests - keeping Burke on the county payroll and in charge of Suffolk's police.

Trotta was also been a consistent voice in exposing Bellone's political kick-backs, giveaways and outright budget fraud. Trotta blasted Bellone for huge salary giveaways to the Suffolk police, and for political gifts like the $24,999 Bellone gave to fellow Democrat - and accused child sex offender - Gary Ackerman. Trotta has also led the opposition to Bellone's budget disasters, that have now made Suffolk the worst - "most fiscally stressed" - of New York's 62 counties, according to the NYS Comptroller, a Democrat.

Rob Trotta has been a consistent and courageous voice for the taxpayer and for honest government. The

Leader strongly endorses Rob Trotta for re-election.

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