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Comedy Nights in Huntingto

Two young up and coming comedians have been producing a monthly comedy show which is open to the public, in the town of Huntington. Christian Hahn, 24 of Dix Hills and Mike Nicolia, 26 of West Islip host and produce this refreshing event on the first Monday of every month - and have been doing so for at least 5 months.

The comedy show takes place in Crabtrees, on New York & Main in Huntington, just across from Little Vincent’s Pizzeria. According to Hahn, Crabtrees is “a stone’s throw away from other great venues where I’ve seen Long Island Greats like Jim Bruer and Kevin James perform their craft.”

Hahn described how the two came about to start the show. “We actually used to perform here when the monthly show was run by a different comedian. Shortly after Mike developed his comedy company Comedy Zest, the prior host dropped down and offered to pass along the torch to us.” Since then - “the mic has been booming” - offering a shot to many aspiring and professional comedians who come to experience a new and fresh crowd of people on Long Island’s north shore.

Many new faces show up each month. “Every show we’ve done here has been absolutely packed. We always see the familiar faces of our friends, but there’s just as many people who come who’ve never even touched a mic. If we have 20 people signing up to perform, at least half are people going up for the first time.”

This is only the start for these two rising stars as they divulged some details about a potential East Coast tour going through D.C. and ending up all the way in Boca Raton, FL. The two comedians have over three years of experience, but claim it’s necessary to get yourself out there, even early on in your comedy career.

Comedy Zest is puts on many high quality shows all over Long Island and NYC. All of his future shows can be found on his Instagram @mikenicoliacomedy. And don’t forget; the first Monday of every month catch Mike and Christian hosting a stellar open-mic with an open sign-up to the public at Crabtrees, at New York & Main.

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