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Tragic Fire in Bayville

A massive house fire in Bayville killed an elderly woman and left her husband critically injured on Monday. The fire started around 2:00 PM at Bayville Park Boulevard, at the corner of Ash Court, in Bayville.

The elderly couple, were confined to “wheelchairs and walkers” according to police. There were wheelchair ramps at the entrances to the house.

After the fire began, a badly-burned the man escaped the house and was calling for help. A neighbor, Kevin Moore, responded with several other neighbors. “He was outside on the lawn and had apparently gotten himself out of the house. He was lying on the ground on his back - burned - and he said “My wife is still inside by the front door.”

But the flames, and heat prevented Moore or anyone else from going into the house. “The house was getting hotter and the windows were breaking” from the intense flames and heat, said Moore.

Over 100 firefighters from eight departments - including helicopter support - responded to the fire.

Pronounced dead at the scene was the woman. Her husband, is in intensive care at Nassau County Medical Center, according to police. In addition, three firefighters were injured, and were treated at Glen Cove Hospital.

Neighbors commented that “they are such a very nice family that have lived there over for 55 years.”

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