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CSH Lab Receives Grant

TD Bank has given Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory a $750,000 grant as one of ten nonprofits awarded in a competitive grant program. The TD Ready Challenge was launched last year and has different themes in which proposals are sought.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, is a long standing institution focusing on cancer, plant biology, genomics and neuroscience. The lab wants to utilize the grant in an organoid facility which as a progressive breakthrough technology could advance new developments in fighting cancer. Patient-derived organoids, hollow spheres of cells cultured from tumors, can quickly and accurately predict how patients will respond to a variety of treatments, facilitating a precision-medicine approach to a deadly cancer.

The contest focused on groundbreaking clinical health solutions. Early detection, innovative intervention with the aim of reducing the onset, development and severity of chronic disease.

Six of the winners are from Canada.

One of the winners is the Fund for Public Health in New York City. The other winners are Childrens’ Hospital of Philadelphia and Baystate Health Foundation/Baystate Medical Center in Massachusetts.

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