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Memo to Gov Cuomo: Stop Banning Chloroquine

When the Corona outbreak first broke in America in late February, doctors and scientists had already begun searching for treatments to lessen the lethality off the virus.

President Trump was briefed about one treatment that had shown positive results in China: a combination of Chloroquine (an anti-malarial drug), with Azithromycin (an antibiotic) and Zinc (a virus replication inhibitor). Trump, citing the medical results at a press conference in March, said he had a “hunch” that the Chloroquine treatment offered hope.

The anti-Trump liberal political firestorm that then erupted was one of the most unscientific, psychotic, “flat earth” inquisitions we have seen in modern times.

Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer - who wants to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential nominee - angrily issued an Order that doctors would be de-licesnsed and arrested if they prescribed Chloroquine. Nevada Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak just banned the drug.

The New York Times wrote stupidly about a man who died after drinking pool cleaner - a different chemical with a similar sounding name - implying that Trump wanted people to drink pool cleaner.

Then dozens of doctors - and thousands of surviving patients - started coming forward with testimonials of how Corona victims were saved by the Chloroquine treatment.

What these drugs seem to do is to slow Corona’s attack on the red blood cells’s Hemoglobin, slow replication of the virus, and stop secondary infections of the lungs. That gives patients’ bodies more time to fight back. Fewer hospitalizations. Fewer ventilations, Fewer deaths.

Gov. Whitmer and many other Democrats quickly backtracked and “unbanned” the treatment. And the FDA approved the drug for emergency Corona cases

But one Governor - Andrew Cuomo - has not. He issued Executive Order Number 202.10 specifically restricting NY pharmacists from filling chloroquine prescriptions. The Order is “clever” in that it applies to pharamacists - not doctors - so doctors usually just write their prescriptions to get around Cuomo’s Order. But why should they have to? Cuomo’s Order is limiting doctors and pharmacists treatments of sick patients - getting in between patients and their doctors - and literally killing people. Enough of the politics Andrew Coumo: Revoke the Executive Order limiting a life saving treatment.

-The Publisher

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