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The Leader Endorses Donald Trump for President

Last week's final presidential debate highlighted some major policy differences between the candidates. Those real policy differences - rather than the personal issues of both candidates - should be the basis for our choice for President.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has called for a "zero carbon emissions" by 2025 (sometimes he says 2035), and for an end to the use of all fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) over the next decade. He has also called for extended COVID lockdowns - including children's schools - indefinitely. Those policies - if he really means them - would be national suicide. Over 90% of our energy comes from fossil fuels. Our homes, offices, cars, buses, trucks, trains, heat, hot water, electricity - everything is overwhelmingly powered by fossil fuels. And the COVID lockdowns have already destroyed New York City - vacant houses and apartments are everywhere, and almost every commercial building in Manhattan is now underwater - functionally bankrupt. Biden's support for the violent BLM-Antifa riots of this summer - that were reminiscent of the Communist Cultural Revolution and destroyed so many urban downtowns - presages a country divided, not united.

President Donald Trump supports the opposite: More fossil fuel exploration; An end to the lockdowns; Re-opening of our children's schools. Under Trump the US became "energy independent" - a net exporter and not an importer of fuels and electricity - for the first time in over 80 years. That has resulted in cheap energy that fuels a growing economy. And virtually every pediatric doctor's group now calls for an end to the lockdowns. The science has shown that children are not at risk for COVID, but lockdowns cause children long term health risks.

The Leader endorses Donald Trump for President.

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