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The Leader Endorses Ed Smyth for NYS Senate

Ed Smyth is a freshman Huntington Town Councilman, and local attorney from Lloyd Harbor. His leadership in finally settling the decade-old Huntington property tax lawsuit against LIPA - a lawsuit that threatened to bankrupt Huntington homeowners by doubling their property taxes - should earn everyone's support. Smyth has also spearheaded building department reform, and setting-up a local violations adjudication system to settle building violations locally. All good government.

By contrast, freshman NYS Senator Jim Gaughran has been a zero. He did nothing to help Huntington when LIPA - a state agency - sued to increase everyone's taxes. He "abdicated" and signed-over all the Legislature's powers to Governor Cuomo due to COVID. And then exercised zero oversight - including nothing over the NYS Order that sent 10,000 sick COVID patients into the nursing homes - killing over 10,000 seniors. Nothing but collect his government paycheck. Even liberal Newsday has denounced Gaughran and endorsed Smyth.

The Leader endorses Ed Smyth for NYS Senate.

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